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Signal Box Art Wrap

The Ormond Beach Arts District showcases a vibrant collection of signal box art wraps, featuring the creative works of various talented artists. These public artworks transform our fixtures into colorful canvases that reflect the district's rich artistic spirit. Each signal box wrap tells a unique story, blending diverse styles and themes, from abstract patterns and whimsical scenes to tributes to local culture and history. This initiative not only beautifies the streets but also highlights the thriving art community, making art accessible and engaging for residents and visitors alike.

Featured Artists: Akiko Sugiyama, Lee Dunkel, Margaret Schnebly Hodge, Gregory Grant, Antoinette Slick, Barbara Perrotti, Scott Heistand, Sang Roberson and Karlene McConnell

Slick (David Pizzo) - IMG_6229.jpg
Hodge - Gaia.jpg
Roberson - 81.jpeg
Hiestand - little bird.jpeg
McConnell 1.jpg
McConnell 2.jpg
B.Perrotti- Ormond Garden Path -Gallery Wrap.jpg
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